Preparing for the shoot

Lucy will capture the interaction between you and your child or children in a natural manner, with your family's personalities shining through.

For kids: Make sure your child has a good nap and something to eat prior to the shoot. This will help keep their spirits up throughout the shoot.

For newborns: Give them a bath prior to the shoot. This will help make the baby more relaxed and looking fresh. Keep the room a nice warm temperature. Babies have difficulty regulating their own body heat so doing this will help them feel comfortable especially when doing the nude photo session. Have some soft towels or blankets handy to wrap the baby in. Lastly, feed your newborns just before the photo session starts. A milk drunk baby is a happy baby.

For parents: I recommend wearing something comfortable but flattering. Also some light natural make up will help enhance your features in the photographs and add a bit more colour to your skin and lips.

If you wish to try a particular pose, theme or location for the shoot, please feel free to discuss this with me prior to the shoot.


We were so happy to have Lucy, our wedding photographer, take photos of us again, plus little Cecilia! She was crying half of the session, but Lucy still managed to capture her best smile and the photos were wonderful! Thank you!
I look forward to more photo sessions with you in the future!

The Teohs


When Thierry and I got married four years ago, Lucy was our photographer. We were so pleased with the results that when Matty came along, we asked Lucy to take some photos for us. As expected, the photos were fantastic. Lucy captured Matty's personality brilliantly. With her baby wrangling skills, she even managed to make him smile for the camera! Once again, we were incredibly pleased with the results.

The Cojans